Should You Keep the Home After Divorce?

One of the biggest questions in a divorce is, will either party keep the family home? If you’d like to keep the home after divorce, there are a few things you should consider prior to the divorce being finalized. 1. Financing. If the home is financed in both your name and your spouse’s name, you […]

“Can We Share a Divorce Lawyer?”

Divorcing spouses are often looking for ways to reduce legal fees and costs. In some cases, when they’ve worked out the details of their case, the spouses want to “share” a lawyer. However, a shared attorney arrangement is simply not acceptable. When I meet with people who are interested in sharing an attorney with his […]

Alimony: How is it calculated?

BLOGGED: Alimony: How is it calculated? In Iowa, there are standard guidelines to calculate child support. However there are no such guidelines to calculate alimony. Attorneys have no accurate way to predict the amount of alimony a spouse may pay or receive, or the duration of the alimony. When a party requests alimony, the Court […]

Iowa Child Support: How is it calculated?

BLOGGED: Iowa Child Support: How is it calculated? Under Iowa law, both parents have a duty to provide adequate support for their child(ren) in proportion to their respective incomes. The Iowa Supreme Court has adopted uniform child support guidelines that are used when calculating a parent’s child support obligation. One of the most common questions that […]

Introduction to Collaborative Law

BLOGGED: Introduction to Collaborative Law   Collaborative divorce is a solution-oriented alternative to the traditional divorce and litigation method. The collaborative approach blends the benefits of each party having representation while negotiating face-to-face in a civil and respectful manner. The parties and lawyers work together as a team to reach an acceptable, comprehensive divorce settlement. […]

Contempt Actions in Family Law

BLOGGED: Contempt Actions in Family Law When a court issues an order, it becomes legally binding and all parties must obey it. If one party willfully disobeys the order, court penalties may be imposed. This is known as being held in contempt of court. Civil contempt actions are common in family law cases, as the […]

The Four Types of Marital Debt

BLOGGED: The Four Types of Marital Debt During divorce, marital debt is split among the parties, just like marital property. It is always best to pay off as much debt before filing for divorce. However, if the debt cannot be paid off, the divorce decree should clearly state who is responsible for the debt and […]

How is the 401K Divided?

BLOGGED: How is the 401K Divided? When dividing property in divorce, it is not unusual that one spouse has a 401K that he or she has contributed to for the duration of the marriage, while the other spouse has no retirement savings. If a prenuptial agreement was not signed and contributions were made to the […]

Iowa Divorce: Who Gets the Pet?

BLOGGED: Iowa Divorce: Who Gets the Pet? A frequent question that arises during divorce proceedings is “Who gets to keep the pet?” Pets have a special subjective value and many owners treat their pets like children. However, under Iowa law, pets are considered to be property. The Court addresses the distribution of pets just as […]

Iowa Child Support: The Presumed Father

BLOGGED: Iowa Child Support: The Presumed Father You may have recently read an article about a man who is protesting an Iowa law that requires him to pay child support for a child that is not his. He and his wife haven’t talked in 15 years, but they were never legally divorced. She had a child […]