Mastering the Art of Listening

BLOGGED: Mastering the Art of Listening March is International Listening Awareness Month. In today’s world of disconnect and constant distraction, listening has become an undervalued art in our society. You may be able to recall personal experiences where sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings became discouraging due to the listener being inattentive. Developing better listening […]

Getting on the Same Financial Page

BLOGGED: Getting on the Same Financial Page Money is the common leading cause of stress in relationships. Couples counselors rank money high on the reasons why partners fight or split up. It is not uncommon for one to hide transactions, have secret credit cards, or fail to consult with his or her partner before making […]

Keep Social Media From Ruining Your Relationship

BLOGGED: Keep Social Media From Ruining Your Relationship The increasing popularity of technology and social media has caused a huge shift in the way we communicate with one another, especially significant others. Recent studies have revealed the negative impact social media has on marriage and relationship health. While a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram account […]

Mentorship: A Big Piece of the Puzzle

BLOGGED: Mentorship: A Big Piece of the Puzzle January is National Mentoring Month. It is no surprise that research shows quality mentorship has a powerful effect on one’s life. I myself have experienced the significant benefits of mentorship, as both the mentor and mentee. Mentorship is an important piece of the puzzle to future success. […]

Negotiation v. Mediation

BLOGGED: Negotiation v. Mediation Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to resolving disputes without courts making decisions. Mediation is a common ADR process. I am a trained and certified mediator. Clients will state during a consultation, “I want you to mediate this for me,” or “I see you’re a mediator, I wasn’t sure if we could […]

The Retainer Agreement 101

BLOGGED: The Retainer Agreement 101 The retainer is the common payment method used when hiring an attorney. Retainers are used in all types of matters, particularly family law. Clients often meet with an attorney for a consultation, hand over a large sum of money, sign an agreement, and then leave unsure of what they’ve paid […]

Unbundled Services: Law a la Carte

BLOGGED: Unbundled Services: Law a la Carte Do you have a legal question but you’re worried about the cost of calling a lawyer? When you have a simple legal question, it can be difficult to bargain for legal advice. I’m going to inform you about unbundled services, or what the ABA refers to as law […]