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Designating Beneficiaries of your Personal Property

When you think about how you want your property distributed in your will, you may have personal property that you want a particular person to receive. For example, you may want each of your daughters to receive a specific item of your mother’s jewelry that has been passed down for generations, you may want your […]

Appointing a Legal Guardian in Your Last Will & Testament

As important as it is to think about your family’s financial future in your estate plan, if you have minor children, it is just as important to consider who will care for your children if both parents should pass away before your minor children become adults. A guardian is a person who has legal responsibility […]

The Difference Between Probate and Non-Probate Assets

In the world of estate planning, the distinction between “non-probate” and “probate” assets is important. Your “non-probate assets” will pass directly to your beneficiaries without Court involvement. On the other hand, the Court will direct the distribution of your “probate assets” to your beneficiaries based on your Will, or to your heirs if you die without […]