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It’s a sad fact that divorce touches about half of all married couples. If you find yourself contemplating divorce, it’s essential to find a divorce attorney dedicated to winning your case while still being sensitive to your needs during a stressful time. 

If you live in Grundy County, Iowa and surrounding areas, your divorce might involve special circumstances such as dividing complicated farm assets. In this case, you need a divorce attorney who is familiar with Iowa state law and the particular circumstances in and around Grundy County, Iowa.  Someone like divorce attorney Joslyn N. Sailer.

About Sailer Law, PLLC

Joslyn N. Sailer aims to give everyone in Grundy County and the surrounding areas an optimal legal experience when going through a divorce. When you work with Joslyn, you won’t be left wondering what happens next, scrambling for options or stumbling into unexpected legal bills. Her honest communication and commitment earned her an excellent rating and 5-star reviews on Avvo. In 2018, National Family Law Academy added her to their list of Top 10 Attorneys Under 40. 

Sailer Law, PLLC Practice Areas

As an expert legal team on all family law matters such as child custody, alimony, paternity, property division, collaborative law, and child support, Sailer Law, PLLC can also assist you in all your family law matters such as current child support agreements or even child custody mandates.  

If you live in Grundy County, Iowa or surrounding areas, reach out to Joslyn, a lawyer who dedicates herself to helping those who need her most.

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